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UKIP Councillor for Henley-on-Thames, David Sylvester

UKIP Councillor for Henley-on-Thames, David Sylvester

UKIP members have been at it yet again, not content with being racist woman haters, they have now added homophobia and general ignorance to their repertoire.

The following is a request from Sarah Butcher of Henley-on-Thames, for people to sign her petition at change.org to have UKIP force his resignation as a local councillor. No government official, local or national, should be allowed to air such hate provoking views that are designed to cause ill feeling towards a minority and it is for that reason that GingerBloke has signed this petition. Read on:

On Friday 17 January, Councillor David Sylvester (UKIP) wrote an open letter to the Henley Standard, blaming the legislation of the same sex marriage bill for the floods that we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Councillor Silvester’s letter has hurt, upset and openly discriminated against the gay community far and wide as well as their friends, families and the general public at large.

As a local resident I am outraged that a councillor elected to represent me has not only made such offensive remarks, but refuses to accept that he was wrong to do so. In part of his letter he claimed that the country had been ‘beset by storms’ because the Prime Minister had acted ‘arrogantly against the Gospel’ by passing same-sex marriage laws.

The community need to be assured that Mr Silvester will have no more influence on the people of Henley. There is no room for his religious views in his political position.

His party, UKIP, have suspended him for his comments. Let’s ensure this becomes permanent. If UKIP wants success they need to remove these extremists. We will not tolerate racism, sexism or homophobia.

I am calling on David Silverster to resign as councillor and urging UKIP to force his resignation.

Please support this petition by signing here!