India being hotly courted internationally; difficult for China to woo

Originally posted on China Daily Mail:

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

The US wants India to encircle China in China’s west; Japan wants India to join it in confronting China, Russia wants to have a Russia-China-India alliance while China wants to solve border disputes to improve ties with India.

When Modi won the election, he said good relations with China were his priority, but the US and Japan soon invited Modi to visit them in order to win him over.

The US does not seem to have made much progress in mending ties with Modi, perhaps because it has snubbed Modi for too long. Japanese Prime Minister Abe seems to have won over Modi, perhaps due to his personal friendship.

In a speech in Tokyo on September 1, Modi said, “The world is divided into two camps. One camp believes in expansionist policies, while the other believes in development. We have to decide whether the world should get caught…

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