UK Unemployment Rate Down, But Still At 6.9% and a Rise in Food Bank Use!


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The ConDem government is congratulating itself today over figures that show the UK’s unemployment rate to have fallen by 77,000 to what the BBC is reporting as a 5 year low of 2.24m, yet, the figure is still 6.9% of the eligible working population!

At the same time the government claims that average earnings in the three months to February grew 1.7% compared with a year earlier, despite real-terms pay cut to a major population of the working public in the public sector and NHS who have found themselves to have once again been given a paltry 1% “pay rise”, meaning that taking in to account inflation, they are actually earning 8-10% less than when the ConDems came to government in 2010 (GMB & Unite the Union). 

Add to this the fact that some NHS Senior Managers and Directors are to receive a 2% rise and MP’s have been awarded an 11% pay rise at the same time and the fairness of the situation becomes quite clear.

Not to mention that this report has been released on the same day that the UK media is reporting on the “shocking rise” in food bank users.

As a whole it leads us to come to the conclusion: the ConDems – what a bunch of lying, greedy bastards!



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