Cameron’s office calls police to stop bishops’ letter on hunger

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This video from Britain says about itself:

Jan 11, 2013: UK’s poorest citizens seek hand-outs from food banks

For this struggling mother, it’s a hand-to-mouth existence, with the pressure of two hungry mouths to feed. Gemma receives her small shop-assistant wage and her state benefits every Tuesday.

SOUNDBITE: Gemma Hindmarsh, single mother (speaking English):

“Sometimes I will wake up on a Sunday and I will literally have five pound in my purse. And I will think right, what can I do with five pound?”

Not much when you’re living on the breadline. One in five mothers in Britain, just like Gemma, regularly skip meals just to feed their children.

SOUNDBITE: Gemma Hindmarsh, single mother (speaking English):

“You want to make nutritional meals for the kids, you hear it all the time on the TV, how they should be eating their five-a-day, fresh meat. But sometimes, you just literally can’t do…

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